Inspiration and Creative Mailer Ideas for your Next Campaign

Creative mailer ideas can turn your mail campaign into something unforgettable. Where can you find inspiration and ideas that are highly creative? This can be a difficult task. Especially if you are not someone who is naturally creative. There is no need to worry. There are plenty of places to look for inspiration.

Creative Mailer Ideas are All Around You

If you are looking for creative mailer ideas, then the first thing you should do is take a look around. The place where you find inspiration can surprise you. Pay attention to things that you notice immediately. Why do they appeal so much? When something catches your eye, try to figure out why you noticed it. Which elements grabbed you?

Start the Search With Your Own Mailbox

One of the easiest places to find creative mailer ideas is right in your own mailbox. On average, most Americans receive several direct mailers each week, from a variety of businesses and marketers. These pieces can be very inspiring. Take the time to really examine them. Determine what works, and why it is unique.

Search the Web for Innovative Mailers That Appeal to You

Do some research on the Internet. Look for innovative and unusual mailers that have an appeal to you. The large number of original mailers that you are going find is gonna amaze you. You can acquire some great inspiration from this activity. Looking at other advertisements can start your creative juices flowing, and show you what is possible when you think outside of the box.

Research What Others Have Done in the Past

One way to find creative mailer ideas is to look at what successful companies and established marketers have done in the past. This does not mean you should copy the design or certain elements, but you may get inspired by an idea. Then, you can figure out a way to make the idea even better, and more unique as a result.

Consult a Professional Graphic Designer

If you are having a hard time coming up with creative mailer ideas no matter where you look, then it may be time to consult with a professional graphic designer. These experts specialize in graphic design. They can offer suggestions that you may not have considered otherwise. They may offer valuable ideas, such as sending a pineapple mailer, or adding a gift to your mailer.

Look at Social Media Networks to See What People are Drawn To

Social networks can be a great source of creative mailer ideas. These networks help you determine what people are drawn to right now. Once you know what attracts people, you can use this knowledge to design creative concepts that include these elements. You may be surprised at how much inspiration social media networks can offer.

Consider What has Not Already Been Done

As you are searching for innovative mailer ideas, think about what is missing. What has not been done by other companies similar to yours? There may be a good reason why some ideas haven’t been used. On the other hand, you may come up with an idea that is original and highly successful, if managed properly. Don’t let your mailer be a repeat of something your competitor already did.

Pay Attention to Current Trends

Look at what is currently trending, then use this for creative mailer ideas. If you sell seafood, and the modified Frankenfish is trending, then this might inspire you to come up with a mailer that addresses the controversy involved. Imagine a salmon shaped postcard. While more expensive to print and mail in most cases, this can also be very creative and distinctive.

Another possible idea for the same seafood company would be to include a smoked salmon sample or a coupon for free smoked salmon. This will highlight the product offered. The mailer could go into detail on why the company does not offer the genetically modified fish, or why your product is superior in some way. Showcase the unique qualities of what you have to offer and think outside the box.

Where else do you look for creative mailer ideas? Why?

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