Are DIY Insurance Company Mailers a Good Idea?

DIY insurance company mailers can seem like a good way to save money. Do-it-yourself is a cheap means to send out mail to potential clients and generate leads. But is it really a good idea? DIY is not always a mistake. There are many different factors involved that need to be considered. You want to get good results, and not waste precious resources without any return.

9 Questions to Consider Before Moving Ahead With DIY Insurance Company Mailers

1. Are DIY Insurance Company Mailers the Best Way to Go?

Before you decide whether or not DIY insurance company mailers are the right way to go, examine whether the failure of the campaign could devastate your business. There are many common mistakes and pitfalls that are possible when you go the DIY route. If you make mistakes, this could affect the campaign outcome. When your bottom line is jeopardized, another method would be best.

2. Are You Highly Qualified for This Type of Project?

Look at the qualifications that you have for designing a direct mail piece. Be brutally honest about whether you are truly qualified to handle this type of project. Do you know where to start or what to do? If you are not highly qualified, then you are probably better off letting the experts handle things.

3. How Creative are You?

Insurance company mailers are often uninspired and lacking in creativity. If you are someone who is very creative, it may be possible for you to come up with a design that is unique, innovative, and appealing. If creativity is not your strong suit, then this should probably be outsourced. A professional with insurance mailer experience can create a mailer that speaks to the recipient’s needs.

4. Do You Have Experience or Special Knowledge in This Area?

Think about what you know, when it comes to creating great insurance company mailers. Have you ever attempted this type of project before? If you are inexperienced, and you don’t have special knowledge about creating mailers that pop and sizzle, then the DIY method could be a big mistake. A professional may be a better choice for you.

5. Are You Simply Trying to Cut Costs With the DIY Method?

If the purpose of DIY insurance company mailers is just to keep your costs down, then you may want to reconsider. The outcome is too important. There are other ways to manage costs that will not affect your bottom line and the campaign results as much. Don’t try to go cheap at the expense of quality or a professional appearance.

6. Do You Understand What is Needed to Succeed?

If you do not have the slightest idea about what goes into direct mail design, then going the do-it-yourself route could end up in disaster. It is important that you are realistic about what is needed to be successful, as well as your own capabilities. Make the best possible choice in your situation. If you are still unsure, take your ideas to a professional and see what can be created.

7. Do You Understand Important Mailer Design Concepts?

There are some very important design concepts the need to be understood with insurance company mailers. White space, color selection and consistency, and bleed area are used to draw attention and make a mailer attractive. A homemade design may not be effective or attractive to consumers. Budgeting for a professional to create your mailers is necessary when return is essential.

8. Are the Risks Worth the Benefits?

There are many potential risks with any type of DIY project. Creating mailers is no exception. Compare the possible benefits that you will get from taking the DIY route, against the risks involved. Strike a balance between the two. Be honest about whether the risks are worth the benefits. You may be better off hiring a professional.

9. Can You Create Compelling Copy?

One key element with insurance company mailers is compelling copy. If your piece is missing this element, then it will fall flat. Your text needs to grab the reader and get hem interested. Copy that is boring or uninspired will not bring about the desired results. Recipients may toss your mailer as soon as it arrives. A professional copywriter will be helpful in this situation.

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