Where Can You Find Direct Mail Design Inspiration?

Finding direct mail design inspiration can be easy or hard, depending on where you are looking. If you are someone who is highly creative, then you may get inspired just by waking up and seeing the sun breaking over the horizon. If you lack creativity, then even an amazing sight or experience may not be very inspiring. Here are some ways you can find inspiration for your direct mail.

Direct Mail Design Inspiration can be All Around You

If you are trying to find direct mail design inspiration, one of the first things you can do is just stop and take a look around. Take in every single detail around you, regardless of how small. You are probably surrounded by many things that can be used to inspire new designs. Sights, sounds, and smells can be great sources of inspiration.

Look for Things That Appeal to You

When you notice something that appeals to you, take a little time to determine why. What is it that you find so appealing? Is it the shape, the color, the smell, or some other aspect that caused you to stop and take notice? Simply studying the reason something appeals to you will help you identify things that you may want to use in the design for your next direct mail campaign.

Consult Professionals for Inspiring Ideas

You have tried to find direct mail design ideas, but no matter how hard you look, you can’t seem to find inspiration. It may be time to call in the experts, and give yourself a break. Consult a few design professionals. See what they have to say. You can receive assistance with your design, freeing yourself up for business as usual.

Keep a Collection of Mailers You Have Received

Many people find that one of the biggest source of direct mail design inspiration is the direct mail that they have received in the past. When you get a mailer that seems to resonate, or that you find unique or engaging, don’t throw it away. Keep the item for future reference. Over time, your collection will grow and be a great source of inspiration for your campaigns.

Look at What Competitors Have Done That Really Grabbed Attention

In order to find direct mail design inspiration, take a look online. See what others have done that really stood out and received a very favorable response. You don’t want to copy these designs, but they can help you think outside the box. Seeing what works already can help you to create something unique and highly engaging with your next design.

Keep Your Budget in Mind When You are Trying to Get Inspired

While you are trying to find inspiration, keep your budget in mind. If you come across a very expensive design that is unique, this could inspire you to do something similar. Try to stick to designs you can afford. You can also downgrade a more expensive design to fit your budget. If you are working on a smaller budget, then this should be reflected in the types of designs that you are evaluating.

Research the Latest Marketing Technology Available Today

Doing research on the latest marketing technology available may provide direct mail design inspiration. Technology is advancing so fast that many marketers find it difficult to keep up and stay fully informed. A professional can help you in this area. Technological advances are new directions to explore and could inspire you to do something distinctive.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Traditional Marketing Strategies and Techniques

Many people make the mistake of sticking to the tried and true traditional marketing strategies and techniques. This can limit your reach. Don’t be afraid to try something that has never been done before. Shake things up a bit. Be creative and innovative. This may be a risk, but could lead to a very large reward.

Where do you go when you need direct mail design inspiration? Why?

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