Roofing Company Direct Mail Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Roofing company direct mail can be a big money maker. Or it can be a waste of resources for any contractor or roofer. Success or failure depend on the resources that you are willing to invest, and the common mistakes you manage to avoid. Here are some mistakes that can have far reaching consequences and should be avoided at all costs.

Roofing Company Direct Mail That is Poorly Designed

Roofing company direct mail can having a larger than life impact on your company. Poorly designed mailers can put your company growth on hold. A mailer that seems cluttered, crowded, or generic will usually fall flat, instead of making a great first impression. Any campaign worth starting is worth doing right. That means mailers made with quality and professionalism.

Copy That Does Not Engage the Reader is Ineffective

The copy you use needs to engage the reader and hold their attention to the very end. If your copy is not engaging, then it could be ineffective and result in negative campaign results. You want copy that is powerful and descriptive. Copy has to resonate with a need or problem that the homeowner has, and needs to solve. To achieve this, a professional copywriter can be very helpful in many cases.

Don’t Let Your Logo Overshadow the Design

All mailers, including roofing company direct mail, should include the company name and logo. What you don’t want is an oversized logo that seems out of proportion to all of the other design elements. The best mailers have balance in every aspect. A logo that is prominent, without causing everything else to fade into the background, will make a good first impression.

Avoid Trying to do Too Much in a Single Mailer

Don’t try to do everything possible in a single postcard. It can’t be done, and it won’t be effective. A crowded mailer will end up going unread, instead of attracting new clients. Pick a single goal, whether it is generating leads or following up with previous customers. Design your mailer with only your designated goal in mind. Your item will be much more valuable, and your campaign will receive a much better response.

A Mailing List That is Too Broad is a Recipe for Mailing Disaster

The best possible roofing company direct mail means nothing if you are using mailing lists that are too broad. Precision targeting is needed. This way, you get a better than average response and conversion rate. Don’t use a list with 10 different targeting factors combined if you want great results. Use lists that only have one or two variables, so you can zoom in on your target.

Assuming That the Printer Automatically Knows What You Want

A key to success with direct mail from any company type is the right printer. One of the mistakes made most often is assuming that the printer automatically knows what you want. This assumption can create a number of issues, and leave you with mailers that are not suitable or as professional as you hoped. Communicate your expectations and desires to your printer.

Picking the First Printer You Find

Before you can begin sending out roofing company direct mail, you have to find the best printer for the job. This means evaluating several professionals, and asking each one the same questions. Don’t settle for the first printing company that you come across. Look for a printer experienced in roofing company direct mail. Experience can make all the difference in your campaign’s success.

Neglecting to Include a Compelling Call to Action

Don’t go to the expense of designing and printing a mailer, and then forget to include a compelling call to action. This element tells the reader what they are expected to do, and when they should do it. If your mailer is missing this element, then the reader may not be compelled to take any action at all. You have missed an opportunity. Tell them what they should do, and when to do it.

Only Proofing Once

Your roofing company direct mail needs to be spot on perfect. There can be no flaws or errors. When you proof twice, you only need to print once. Mistakes can make it through the initial proofing. Reprinting items because of a minor flaw can be very expensive. A second proof will help you avoid this cost.

What roofing company direct mail mistakes have you made? What did you learn from them?

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