Why Should You Personalize Direct Mail?

Many businesses and advertisers personalize direct mail, verses send generic mailers. Generic mailers that are not personalized in any way can still get a response, but it may not be the one that you were hoping for.

9 Facts to Help You Decide Whether to Personalize Direct Mail in Your Next Campaign

If you are trying to decide whether your mailers should be personalized to some degree, there are some frequently asked questions that may be helpful.

1. Why is It so Important to Personalize Direct Mail?

When you personalize direct mail, you are creating a connection with the person or company that receives your mailer. Consumers are quick to toss out mail that is not relevant to them. A mailer that is bland, and does not have any personalization, will not be nearly as appealing to the consumer. A personal touch can help you get a much better response and a higher rate of conversion and ROI.

2. How can You Personalize Your Mailers?

There are may ways you can personalize the mailers that you send out. You can add the name, the gender, or the location of the recipient. You can also use past donations, previous purchases, favorite color, and even different messages based on each recipient. Personalization packs a bigger marketing punch. You build a better relationship with the individual or company by communicating with them directly.

3. Where can You Find the Right Mailing Lists for a Personalized Campaign?

If you want to personalize direct mail for your next campaign, you will need the right mailing lists to be successful. You can create your own lists using the data that you have available, rent mailing lists based on your specific criteria, or buy the lists outright. When you buy them outright, you own them and can make changes as needed. If you use a broker, make sure they are legitimate and reputable.

4. What is Variable Data Printing?

Variable data printing can also called variable information printing. It allows the direct mail printing process to change certain elements of the piece, without slowing down the speed of printing or requiring changes in the machinery and equipment used. This gives mailers the appearance of being created specifically for the intended recipient. It makes them more personal and appealing, so you receive a better response.

5. What Personalization Elements are Used Most Often?

The most common ways to personalize direct mail include:

  • Name
  • Images
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • History of purchases or donations
  • Web addresses and URLs
  • Response devices

You can choose to add a single personal element to your mailer, or personalize several features on each piece. You can use variable data printing to include the name, location, and specific images based on the targeted consumer.

6. What are Personalized URLs and Should They be Used?

A personalized URL can be a great way to attract your recipient and build a business relationship. This involves the use of a unique and individual landing page for each recipient who gets your mailer. Each landing page is personalized for the recipient, and included on the mailer that is sent out. Personal URLs can be very effective at increasing your response rate and sales.

7. Can I Personalize the Response Device?

Another way you can personalize direct mail, so that it appeals to your targeted audience more, is to personalize the response device that you provide. Around 1 in 4 consumers will only respond with a printed response device. Others may prefer to respond by internet or telephone. By maintaining the response device preferences of each consumer, you can boost your response rate considerably.

8. What Type of Budget Do I Need in Order to Personalize Mailers?

It is possible to personalize your mailers even if you are on a small budget. Variable data printing is affordable in most cases. If the goal is to personalize several elements on your piece, the cost will go up accordingly. Many small businesses with limited resources have managed to personalize their mailers in some way without stretching their budget.

9. Do All Printers Offer Personalization Options?

Most printers can help you personalize direct mail in some way. However, not everyone can do this and get exceptional results. Talk to prospective printers about your needs, preferences, concerns, and questions. See what options they can provide you with. Shop around until you find a printer who can meet all of your needs.

What do you do to personalize direct mail? How well does this work for you?

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