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Every Door Direct Mail® Retail or BMEU
A direct mail partner of the USPS, EDDM2go makes sending Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) easier than ever. Just choose between our ready-to-go retail option that helps you set your marketing campaign up for success or our all-inclusive BMEU package that lets you send your mail from home with a few simple clicks.
EDDM2go Makes the Decision Easy
EDDM2go Makes the Decision Easy When it comes to mailing your campaign, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) program has two different options for creating and sending off your campaign: EDDM® Retail and BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit).
EDDM®- Retail
EDDM®- Retail is designed for businesses that want to send up to 5,000 flyers or postcards and are willing to do the steps themselves, including taking their campaign to the local post office(s) that serve their selected carrier route(s).
EDDM®- BMEU is for businesses that don’t want to do the necessary prep and legwork of sending out what could potentially be thousands of mailings. Other vendors that offer BMEU services may also prepare the postal documentation for you, but EDDM2go is the only USPS-approved provider that bundles all the services together to create an easy-to-follow system that guides you through the process from start to finish all in one place, creating the most cost-effective option with no hidden extra fees.

Key Characteristics of EDDM® Options

Every Door Direct Mail® – Retail

This means you must take of:
● Obtaining carrier route
● Researching USPS
● Creating your promotional postcards/flyers
● Printing
● Coordinating EDDM®
postage drop-off to post office(s)

  • No permits needed
    Limited to 5,000 mailings or less.

Note: Some printers offer EDDM® Retail services, but you should clarify

exactly what steps will be left to you. Don’t forget to factor in time and travel when adding up all the costs.

Every Door Direct Mail® – BMEU


Using a Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) means:
● All of the printing, prep, and postage is handled
for you
● Your campaign is
entered directly into the local mail stream, saving you from having to research requirements or
deal with the post office

  • No quantity limitations
How EDDM2go Can Help

If you have the know-how and time, EDDM® Retail is a great option to help get you started and keep things affordable. However, EDDM2go’s bundled EDDM® BMEU option will make the process even simpler and more accessible, saving you time, especially for those who’ve never done a mailing campaign before. Not only is the process cost-effective but efficient and easy to use. Campaigns are sent quickly to reach recipients in 10 days or less after the time the order is placed.* And, because we ship mail with a BMEU like regular postage via Priority Mail, we’re able to track the mailings to verify the day it’s entered into the mail stream so you can stay informed about when you expect your campaign to be delivered.

EDDM2go’s EDDM® BMEU package is an all-inclusive service designed to avoid headaches and extra expenses for businesses wanting to market themselves in their neighborhood, taking care of everything from paperwork to mailing permits and other steps of the process while bundling the costs to create affordable, flat pricing. No hidden fees!

Plus, as an official affiliate of the USPS, you can count on EDM2go to be your one-stop shop for complete, reliable turnkey EDDM® campaigns.

*EDDM2go prints, processes, and mails all orders to the local post office within 5 days. The average time it takes the USPS to deliver your mailing is 5 days or less.

EDDM® Mailing Requirements

Learn more about the types of materials that can be sent using EDDM®, how these pieces are addressed, and what sort of details your print piece needs to include so you can start planning your campaign.

Don’t worry, if dimensions and mailing labels seem confusing, feel free to choose our all-inclusive EDDM® BMEU option and all of this will be done for you! No need to wonder whether everything is up to code and compliant.

Specifications and Guidelines for Your EDDM® Mail Piece:

In order to qualify for the Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) program, the U.S. Post Office (USPS) requires that all EDDM® mail pieces comply with specific guidelines. Learn more about the types of materials that can be sent using EDDM®, how these pieces should be addressed, and what sort of details your print piece needs to include with the guide below.


The EDDM® program requires you to use Standard Mail commercial flats for simplified addressing. A Standard Mail commercial flat for simplified addressing is defined by the USPS as a rectangular mail piece with four square corners that:

● Is between 6.125”-12” tall, 11.5”-15” wide, or .25”-.75” thick.

To qualify as a commercial flat, the mailpiece must exceed only one of the minimum dimensions, while not exceeding any of the maximums. For example, a package that is 6.5” tall, 11” wide, and .2” thick would be a commercial flat but a 6.2”, 11” wide, .8” thick package would not. Packages outside of these dimensions are considered parcels.

Mailing Label Options

Mailing labels must appear on the top half—or the shortest end—of the mail piece. The orientation of the label does not matter.
All EDDM® mail pieces must also feature a pre-printed mailing label that employs a simplified addressing format. If using a BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit), as all EDDM2go services do, acceptable forms of this format are:
● “Postal Customer” for business and residential deliveries
● “Residential Customer” for residential-only deliveries
● “PO Box Customer” for PO Box deliveries

● All EDDM® Retail labels must use the “Local Postal Customer” format.


There are two types of indicias (address labels) for sending EDDM®:
● The EDDM® BMEU indicia displays the permit number on the last line (when using the EDDM2go service, this postage permit number will be ours) and “PAID” appears on a separate line.
● The EDDM® Retail indicia has the words “EDDM® Retail” printed on the last line and “PAID” appears on a separate line.
Note that all mail pieces should include “ECRWSS” in the address area. “ECRWSS” stands for “Enhanced Carrier Route Walking Sequence Saturation.”

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