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Not only is EDDM2go one of the most affordable EDDM® options around, but it offers more bang for your buck, giving you an all-inclusive experience for less. Plus, as the only official USPS-affiliated direct mailing service, you can trust us to make sure your mailings are compliant and provide reliable, quick service.

EDDM2go offers the benefits of:

● Well-trained specialists that care – call, email, or live chat online anytime.
● Easy, flexible ordering – easily save and edit your EDDM® selections at any time.
● Fast Delivery – EDDM® campaigns mail within 3-5 days of ordering. Rush is available too!
● Upgrades and extras – Offering EDDM® printing upgrades and staggered mail drops to take your direct mail marketing to the next level.

EDDM® Providers Price Comparison Checklist: An Apple to Apple comparison.

Comparing EDDM® providers can be confusing, especially since not everyone is as upfront about their pricing breakdown as we are.
When looking for an EDDM® provider, people often don’t take into account the cost of having to do certain steps themselves, taking extra time, travel, and money. A provider may handle the printing and associated costs or even the paperwork but often leaves all the requirements and legwork up to you. This takes unnecessary time and effort—especially for those who haven’t done it before—that could be better spent on other work, or better yet, other campaigns.

Often, other vendors also create cost estimates that apply only to massive, bulk quantities rather than those more suitable for smaller audiences and businesses, giving you an inadequate impression of the true cost.

Even when providers offer other services, they can be difficult to use. Customization can feel like it requires design skills and know-how greater than that of a beginner.

Plus, only a few of these EDDM® services are official providers approved by the USPS, ensuring your mailing will be compliant and reliable.

EDDM2go is the only all-inclusive, official provider of the USPS, taking out the legwork and hidden costs to create an easy-to-use platform for you to make your direct mailing dreams come true.

With EDDM2go you get:

● An EDDM® mapping tool for accurate carrier route selection
● An easy customization tool with ready-to-go compliant-sized mailer templates
● EDDM® printing, postage, bundling, and paperwork all in one place
● Quick delivery directly into the local mail stream in 5 days or less*
● Service you can trust as an official provider approved by the US Postal Service

Our goal is to make the most straightforward, all-inclusive pricing and interface to create the easiest-to-use system and best deal for businesses like yours with the quickest and most reliable delivery.

*EDDM2go prints, processes, and mails all orders to the local post office within 5 days, and the average time it takes the USPS® to deliver your mailing is 5 days or less.

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