How to Get Started
Welcome to the Neighborhood

EDDM2go makes Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) as easy as a few clicks. Just create your promotional mail piece and choose your carrier routes with our easy-to-use customization and mapping tools. We’ll handle the rest.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

EDDM2go makes local promotional marketing simpler than ever by bundling everything you need to get started to create an attention-grabbing Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) campaign, allowing you to target local customers in an affordable and easy way without the need to acquire mailing lists or permits.
The only USPS-approved provider and Direct Mail Partner, we’re a reliable one-stop shop for all your EDDM® needs. All you have to do is create your promotional mail piece and select the location or carrier route you wish to deliver it to. We’ll take care of the rest.

Go local and reach every door, every time.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Create Your Promotional Mail Piece
Upload your original artwork or customize one of our professionally designed EDDM® products with your own photos and copy using the EDDM2go online customization tool. Start getting creative here!

Step 2: Choose Your Carrier Routes
Define your target audience and select the ZIP code(s) and carrier route(s) you wish to reach using EDDM2go’s point-and-click geo-targeting tool. Select your audience.

Step 3: Let Us Take Care of the Rest
That’s it! We’ll take it from here. Just sit back and relax as EDDM2go prints, prepares, and mails your EDDM® marketing campaign into the hands of your customers in 10 days or less.*

Interested in how we do it? Learn how we finish the process here.

*EDDM2go prints, processes, and mails all orders to the local post office within 5 days, and the average time it takes the USPS® to deliver your mailing is 5 days or less.

Why Choose Us?

EDDM2go is the only all-inclusive USPS-approved direct mailing program, making direct mail marketing within reach for any budget or skill level. While other EDDM® vendors only do part of the work or bury their full range of fees, EDDM2go bundles everything together in a one-stop-shop approach with a flat rate.

As easy as 1-2-3

EDDM2go simplifies every part of the direct mailing process into three easy steps. You barely need to lift a finger. Just point and click to create your materials with EDDM2go’s built-in customization tool and select your audience with the point-and-click EDDM® mapping tool. We’ll take care of the rest.

Free EDDM® Templates

EDDM2go even provides base templates to jumpstart your creative process and get the gears turning on how you want your marketing materials to look at no extra cost, making the process even easier and faster.

You can check out some samples by requesting a free sample kit and get a welcome gift, too!

Turnkey EDDM® Printing & Mailing

EDDM2go really does it all, bundling everything together to save costs and staying transparent about pricing. No need to pay for extra permits or postage, everything is included!

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