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Is EDDM® Right for Your Business?

EDDM2go is unique in the way it helps you through every step of the EDDM® process from start to finish. With our all-inclusive services, you’ll be able to create and customize your promotional mail quickly and easily for one flat price. No hidden fees! Then, simply select the carrier routes you wish to target with our easy-to-use EDDM® mapping tool and your marketing materials will be in the hands of a neighborhood’s worth of potential customers in as little as 10 days.*
*EDDM2go prints, processes, and mails all orders to the local post office within 5 days, and the average time it takes the USPS® to deliver your mailing is 5 days or less.

Is EDDM® Right for Your Business?

Want to promote your business with direct mail quickly, easily, and cheaply? EDDM® can help.

Companies Large and Small Have Benefited from EDDM®

Want to boost your business and increase your customer base without spending the big bucks or having to learn tons of new marketing or design skills? Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) may be the answer.
Since the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) introduced the EDDM® program in 2011, businesses large and small have found direct mail to be an asset in their marketing strategies. One of the most cost-effective and easy-to-use forms of promotional mail marketing, EDDM® enables retail and service companies of all shapes and sizes to penetrate specific neighborhoods and ZIP codes in an efficient and affordable manner without having to purchase or rent a list of names and addresses to create a mailing list or purchase pricey permits.

Small Businesses

EDDM® was designed with small businesses in mind to help grow their local customer bases by targeting prospective customers in the nearby neighborhood, promoting specials and raising awareness through the simple yet effective power of the daily post.

Large Companies

But EDDM® isn’t just for small businesses. Larger national enterprises have also discovered the benefits of using EDDM® in their marketing efforts, including a number of chain stores.


Even franchises have found EDDM® to be an extremely useful resource, helping franchisees market their businesses in their area. EDDM2go makes this process easier than ever by offering customizable templates at low prices, creating a smart and successful start for their marketing campaigns, especially as a way to get the word out for a grand opening or special promotion.

Why Direct Mail?

Even in today’s world of modern digital media, statistics show that direct mail still plays an important part in creating a successful marketing campaign for your business. While emails and social media ads are a dime a dozen, reaching out to customers directly in a physical form can be a great reminder in addition to digital marketing to get them interested in your businesses and coming back for more and can actually result in more interaction and engagement overall.

Direct Mail Delivers

You may think that sending “snail mail” as a form of marketing is a thing of the past. In today’s world of social media, smartphones, and email, there are more ways than ever to connect and engage with potential customers. But while targeted ads and email campaigns can do wonders, direct mail can still set your business apart by reaching prime potential customers in a cost-effective way with no bidding on ad spots and no getting lost among hundreds of other emails in a junk mail folder. Unlike other channels, direct mail offers a one-to-one connection with consumers that’s hard to beat and, in a physical form, offers a more lasting impact that’s hard to ignore.
The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) delivers to more than 149 million residences, businesses, and P.O. boxes, reaching every single state and territory in even the most rural of places, meaning that it’s still one of the most widespread ways of disseminating information. Processing over 327,000 pieces of mail a minute, the USPS is clearly still a central part of communication. And you won’t be alone in choosing to market by mail; over 50% of this total mail volume of the United States is direct mail.*

The facts don’t lie. Statistics show:

● According to the USPS, 98% of people check their mail every single day, and 77% sort through it immediately.
● A survey of 64,000 online shoppers revealed that households who receive print catalogs shop more often and spend longer periods of time exploring online retail websites than those who don’t.*
● Direct order and B2B direct marketing sales are projected to increase 5.4% over the next three years.*
● According to “The Little Book of Bigger Returns” (2011), when used as part of an integrated campaign, direct mail boosted an advertiser’s return on investment (ROI) by 20%.
● Mail also helped increase the lift of local ads by 44% and online campaigns by 62%.***
● A survey conducted by ExactTarget found that 65% of adult millennials say they prefer to read something on paper.
● An analysis by Scarborough Research found coupons received by consumers via direct mail have a 35% redemption rate.
● 79% of professionals consider direct mail to be “effective” or “very effective.”**
Not only has marketing by mail been proven to be effective, thanks to programs like Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) direct mail marketing is more accessible than ever before. With no mailing lists to purchase and no postal permits to secure, it’s one of the easiest and most affordable ways to market and promote your company. Add to it easy-to-use, turnkey services such as EDDM2go, and we think you’ll agree: there’s a lot to love about marketing by mail.

*Deliver magazine (July 2011)
** Deliver magazine (May 2012)
***USPS – Small Business Brochure

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