Are Businesses Using Direct Mail Outdated?

Many people believe that businesses using direct mail are outdated today. This is simply not true. Advances in technology have allowed many other marketing methods in the modern business world, but direct mail still plays a vital role. The results that direct mail can provide show that it is anything but outdated, and smart marketers still use this method.

Businesses Using Direct Mail are Still Highly Relevant and Competitive

Many of the businesses using direct mail today are still highly relevant and competitive. These companies do not rely solely on this method of marketing, but they do include direct mail in their campaign activities and strategies. In fact, you may be surprised by the name brands and easily recognized companies that still use direct mail today.

5 Well Known Companies That Still Use Direct Mail

There are many different businesses using direct mail with great results. Some of these companies are nationally, or even globally recognized. Fortune 500 companies still employ this method, because it has been proven time and time again. These businesses do not rely only on direct mail for their marketing campaigns, but they do use this method more often then you may think.

Some well known companies who have had very successful direct mail campaigns in the recent past include:

  • Tylenol
  • Google
  • Burger King
  • Mead Johnson
  • Botanic Choice

You probably recognize most, if not all, of these companies. The next time you get your mail, stop and examine which businesses are sending you mailers. The effectiveness of professional quality mailers is undisputed. That is why many companies include this method in their campaigns.

Seamless Integration Between Marketing Methods and New Available Technology is Important

Successful businesses using direct mail have a seamless integration between all of their marketing methods and efforts. Direct mail may be combined with web advertisements, QR codes, codes and coupons that can be scanned electronically, social media marketing, and other newer technology and marketing opportunities.

A Campaign is Only as Good as Your Recipient Targeting and the Lists Used

Businesses using direct mail successfully do extensive research for recipient targeting, and insist on lists that are both current and relevant. Outdated lists with obsolete or irrelevant data are a waste of money. Each incorrect or irrelevant listing means wasted postage and resources. Choose the targets carefully based on their demographics and relevancy to your company and products.

Put a return address on the outside of your envelope; for bulk mail, include the phrase “forwarding and return postage guaranteed.” You will pay to send mail on to the new address or back to you, but you’ll know which names are still good.


Postcards are a Cost Effective Way to Reach Many Consumers at an Affordable Price

Some of the businesses using direct mail go all out, spending large amounts of money on elaborate brochures and booklets. It is possible to get results from direct mail just using inexpensive postcards, as well. If you are a smaller business, or you are working with limited resources and a modest marketing budget, postcards can be a good solution.

Moreover, If you use postcards for your direct mail campaign, make sure you know what the size standards and other specifications are. If your postcard is too large or heavy, this means additional postage per piece. The extra expense can be avoided with a little advance planning. Know postal costs before you start the design process. The saved postage could be used to customize your postcard so that it is unique.

Is Your Budget Sufficient to Handle a Well Planned Direct Mail Campaign?

Even businesses using direct mail for postcards need a sufficient budget. Think abut what you hope to achieve and do some research. Have a good idea of the costs involved before you determine a final budget amount. This will help ensure that your numbers are realistic, and allow you to maximize your investment in a direct mail campaign.

Mailer Quality is Key to a Successful Campaign

The mailer that you send out represents your company. You want people to think quality when they think about your business. You need a mailer that is innovative and original enough to stand out, with an appeal to the recipient that is hard to resist. A great mailer will help your campaign to succeed, while a poor one could cost you customers and business reputation.

What businesses using direct mail do you know about? Are any of these national or global companies?

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