Attract Attention With These Unique Direct Mail Ideas

Unique direct mail ideas are the key to successful marketing. Do you find it difficult to come up with these ideas when you need them? There are some methods and tricks you can use to get creative and find ideas for your direct mail. Build your brand as a contender in your industry with ideas that are innovative, outside the box, and guaranteed to attract attention.

Engage a Consumer Focus Group for Unique Direct Mail Ideas and Testing

If you are struggling with creativity and ideas for direct mail that have never been done before, a focus group or consumer panel may help. These consumers can offer suggestions, provide feedback, come up with new ideas that you may not think of, and even take part in design testing. Isolate the most effective design possible, so that you get a good response, by using input from actual consumers.

Hold a Company Wide Brainstorming Session

A brainstorming session with all of your staff and employees can help you come up with unique direct mail ideas that you wouldn’t otherwise think of. You may be surprised at what ideas are offered. Your staff can be very creative when they brainstorm together. Plus, group brainstorming can do wonders for company morale. Ask everyone in the company to come up with a few original ideas, and go from there.

Take a Good Look at the Direct Mail You Encounter

We all encounter direct mail on a regular basis. You may be overlooking pieces that could be used to inspire unique and innovative ideas. Every time you see a mailer, evaluate it from a marketing perspective. Identify the elements that appealed to you in the first place. This will help you design a one of a kind mailer that is very noticeable and attractive to consumers.

Take Advantage of the Resources the Internet Offers

The world wide web can be a great resource if you are looking for unique direct mail ideas. You will find examples of mailers that others have sent out. Some will be highly unique and almost irresistible to consumers. You don’t want to copy the design someone else has used. However, the internet can help prime the pump and give you mailer ideas that others haven’t thought of yet.

Keep a Collection of Mailers From Other Companies

Keep a collection of mailers that your competitors have sent out, or even mailers from companies in other industries. Go through these when you need unique direct mail ideas. If you are looking for them, there is no shortage of inspiring and innovative mailers. An out of the box collection of sample mailers can serve as inspiration for your own designs.

Hire Professionals to Handle This Task

If you cannot seem to come up with unique direct mail ideas that work, then it may be time to call in the professionals to handle this important job. A graphic designer can offer suggestions and provide advice on ways you can get a great mailer that stands out. The extra cost will be cancelled out when you receive a much higher response from your mailers.

Ask for Feedback on How to Improve Your Current Designs

Go straight to consumers. Ask for feedback on your current mailer designs, so that you know what people are thinking when they get your item. Your mailer needs to be spectacular. It needs to make people stop and pay attention. Consumers can help you identify the elements of your mailer that are not appealing. They can offer comments that will help you design something completely original.

Go to a Tradeshow or Convention and Walk Around

Some of the best places to get unique direct mail ideas is at conventions and trade shows. Many companies who exhibit at these events provide samples and displays that can help you with your own design ideas. When you attend these types of events, you could find something innovative to use in your own mail campaign.

Hold a Contest

Holding a contest to find the best unique direct mail ideas can be a terrific idea. People can submit their own original ideas as entries. You can then judge the entries and award a prize. You will be the winner when you receive fresh, new ideas for your direct mail campaign designed by your own consumer group.

What unique direct mail ideas have you come up with in the past? What inspired these ideas?

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